Easter Emoticons for Facebook

Easter emoticons for Facebook including Flowers that symbolizes your joy of welcoming Spring and rebirth, Cheers emoticon for inviting friends and families to welcome Easter with a toast, Thankful emoticon as a way of appreciation for those who wishes you happiness and good start and the Easter Smiley , will flood the newsfeed of each and every Facebook users to greet and wish their friends and family for a fresh and blessed start.

Greeting Friends and Families for New Beginnings and Everlasting Happiness with Mogicons’ Easter Emoticons, Stickers and Cover Photos for Facebook!

Easter Stickers for Facebook

Easter is a Christian holiday that is being celebrated worldwide. This is one of the much-awaited holidays by most children as this event gives them an opportunity to get a hand of the most scrumptious pretzels, candies and other goodies given in this important occasion while adults were able to have reunions with their friends and families . Best of all, it is the only event where everyone can participate for an annual Easter egg hunt.

Easter Cover Photos for Facebook

About Easter

Though it is widely celebrated by various nations, the idea of Easter varies. It’s a common knowledge to many that Easter is the day when Jesus Christ has resurrected . Some people believes that Easter is a pagan holiday in honor of Spring goddess which is Eostre, while others think that it is derived from the German word ‘eostarun’, that means dawn and white. For Christians, it is celebrated at the end of the Lent of the Holy Week’s last day, while the majority commemorates the event on the first Sunday after the Spring Equinox’ full moon that is between the 22nd of March and the 25th of April.

Aside to the greetings with Facebook smileys and private messages with Easter stickers for Facebook being sent to loved ones, other anticipated giveaways are the painted Easter eggs, the symbol of fertility and new life . This practice of exchanging Easter eggs can be rooted in ancient Egyptian and Persian civilization. While children in the early years up to now obtain painted eggs by building a nest for the Easter Bunny in the morning for them to lay eggs which gave birth to the idea of Easter egg hunting. Though we are aware that hares and rabbits do not lay eggs, they are considered to be the symbol of fertility; and this idea have originated from Germany and was brought to US by Germans who settled in the 1700s.

Another goody that is well-associated with Easter Sunday is Pretzels – the world’s oldest snack that is made from dough with shapes that looks like a folded child’s arm when praying. Other favorites given to children are jellybeans , peeps, chocolates and marshmallows, which makes Easter the second largest candy consuming holiday, with Halloween as the topnotch. And when people celebrate Easter, the most frequent way of greeting and wishing friends and families is through exchange of messages in social media accounts like Facebook, where Facebook stickers that includes the Easter Bunny who holds one big Easter egg happily or handing out an egg for you and Happy Easter sticker to give a good shout out for the holiday, were used on chats, comments and private messages.

Some celebrate the occasion through small gatherings after the mass. Early in the morning , Christians attends the mass and twelve candles are being lit and is taken around to lit other candles before the priest declare that Jesus Christ has risen. The church is decorated with flowers that signify birth while the priests wear their best robes. In Greece, they welcome the resurrection of Christ through fireworks while the people in Italy attends the Communion service of the Pope in St. Peter’s Square at Vatican City.

With such warm welcome and preparations that people do, it’s not surprising that Easter is one of the favorite holidays by many. A lot of activities can be enjoyed by the whole family that missing Easter egg hunts, reunions, and exchange of messages with Facebook emoticons , stickers and smileys are great things that should not be left out nor forgotten.
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